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From Head to Heart - Part 4

The Journey

This is the journey of coming home to self. To finding that inner light that we all have, that oneness, feeling of unity, of pure love.

There are many forms of love.

Eros love is the primal and natural attraction between two people. Sensual, intimate, passionate, romantic.

Philia love is the love of friendship. Platonic.

Philautia is the love of self. Living from this place is living from wholeness, empowerment and authenticity as your sovereign self.

Agape is the love of the soul. This love embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance. It is the love of everyone.

The heart can shut so tightly to stop it getting hurt repeatedly. It requires gentle coaxing to open - like that of a mother's love. But you are now an adult. You will need to learn to re-parent yourself; learn to give yourself all the love that you needed as a child but you had not been able to receive.

This is the Mother Wound, and we all have one.

For a while the wound can be filled with Eros and Philia but eventually it splits again and needs to be looked at as the 'unworthiness' begins to seep out. The healing of the mother wound is some of the most important inner work that you can do and is 100% your responsibility to seek the help you need to heal it.

This is the journey to self-love. Of showing love, nurture and respect to ourselves first and foremost. Along the journey perhaps you will remember Agape and allow the love to shine out divinely allowing ourselves, friendships and relationships to blossom as you grow.

Emily x

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