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Holding a compass


In a world that's constantly evolving, finding your footing and navigating the complexities of life can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, particularly after divorce, career change, toxic relationships or readjusting to mid-life. This is where coaching steps in, offering you a guiding light to illuminate your path, helping you uncover your true potential, and empowering you to overcome challenges with resilience and grace.

Imagine a space entirely dedicated to you – your dreams, your aspirations, your growth.
Individual coaching provides precisely that. It's a personalized journey that revolves around you and your unique goals. Through deep conversations, reflective exercises, and unwavering support, you'll embark on a transformative process to unlock your full potential.

Group coaching brings an entirely different dimension to your growth. The sense of community fosters an environment of shared learning, where you not only gain from the wisdom of a skilled coach but also from the collective wisdom of your peers. It's an opportunity to connect, to learn, and to be inspired by others who are on their own transformative journeys. Together, you'll celebrate each victory and navigate challenges with a network of companions cheering you on.

The first step is simple – curiosity. It's the spark that ignites change, the impetus that propels you towards new horizons. Book a Discovery Call with me to see if it is a good fit for us to work together.

1:1 Coaching Session £150 or 6-Sessions Package with WhatsApp Support £797

“Emily shows a warmth in her understanding and listens showing support but then offers practical feedback.”


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