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About Emily – Your Compassionate Guide
Image of Emily Dixon

Life is a journey with its share of ups and downs. Like many, I’ve faced my share of challenges, but nothing quite prepared me for the emotional upheaval of 2015. As my marriage unravelled, so did the sense of who I thought I was. It was a wake-up call that healing was not just about moving on, but about moving inward.

A Step Towards Clarity

In the aftermath, I found solace in the simple acts of self-care. Changing my diet helped clear the fog, while walking became a meditative practice, a way to reconnect with myself. Yet, it was only when I began to confront and heal my deeply held beliefs that I truly started to see a shift in my life.

Guidance and Growth

I’ve been fortunate to learn from incredible coaches, mentors, and teachers. Training in Maturation Coaching and Insights Kinesiology Methodology has been transformative, bringing my body and mind into harmony and anchoring me firmly in the present.

As a Sound Healer and a practitioner of Flower Remedies, I’ve found profound healing in the subtle energies that surround us.

Your Space to Heal

Now, I’m here to offer you the same opportunity for transformation. Insights to Wellbeing is a space where you can work through the ‘stuff’ that’s holding you back. It’s a place to let go of past stories and patterns and to find your true centre of power.

I’m here to listen, to support, and to guide you on your path to joy and happiness.

Warmest wishes,

Emily x

Image by Samuel Ferrara
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