My Story


Like many people, life has thrown me curve balls and I always felt I navigated them well. In 2015 I had an 'emotional crisis' as my marriage began to crumble. I tried desperately to ‘fix’ what was wrong but the subsequent divorce left me feeling lost and alone. It was as if I had swung off my pole and I didn't know who I was anymore. It was then that I realised the journey to ‘heal’ me had just begun.

Changing my diet helped reduce the brain fog, walking was my meditation and keeping busy helped everyone else to see that I was moving on. It wasn’t until I turned inwards to challenge and heal some of my deeply held beliefs that profound shifts in my life began to occur.

I have had some wonderful coaches, mentors and teachers that have held space for me to walk my journey. I have trained in a form of transformational coaching called Maturation Coaching under the guidance of Nicky Clinch and with the wonderful Tara Gabriele Schafarik  in Insights Kinesiology Methodology. Both these modalities have been instrumental in bringing my Body and Mind together and allowing me to live in the present moment. I am also a Sound Healer and work with Flower Remedies. 

Now it is my turn to hold space for you to work through your 'stuff' that is holding you back from living a life full of joy and happiness. To live free of the stories and patterns of the past and stand true in your centre of power.

Warmest wishes

Emily x

Image by Samuel Ferrara