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From Head to heart - Part 3

The Heart

The heart feels differently. Imagine this scenario:

As I sit at the kitchen table I glance out of the window. The wind is whispering through the trees - I can see them swaying. The pale blue light is just beginning to filter through the cold air of the morning.

I have a sudden urge to go outside and pick up my vegetable trug to go and see if there are any tasty treats to pick.

As I wander down the garden, I feel the crisp air on my face and it tickles my nose. I cannot help but smile in delight. Everything seems crisper, brighter, with more clarity.

I breathe deeply. It's as if time has stopped. Just inhaling the moment. That precious breath.

What is this feeling. There is an expansiveness to it; a feeling of unity, oneness (even though I am alone). It flows like the colours of a streamer, vibrant. As one.

This is love. I am home.

Emily x

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