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Welcome to my Insights to Well-Being Blog!


That is exactly what I hope to provide in this blog; Insights - small snippets of information - that might help with your well-being as they have and continue to help with mine. It is also the name of my business where I provide one-to-one coaching, sound healing and allergy testing to help you on your journey of self-discovery.


We all have stories. Some that keep us attached to the past and some to the future. Some of them anchor us to the here and now; the present moment. I hope that through my Insights you will see the attachments to stories, beliefs and the breakthroughs that allow a human being to live with more freedom here in the now, with flow, contentment and ease in all areas of life.


What are you doing to ensure that you are a well-being? It doesn't mean that you are always happy or unaffected by your experiences but it does mean that whether as an individual, community or nation you feel a sense of belonging or security, you are able to take care of and nourish yourself physically and you can tackle adversity with resilience, compassion and humility.

There are several things that have helped me over the years and I am sure you have heard many of these ideas before. This is about giving snippets of ideas and trying them out. You will find posts in this blog related to:

  1. Diet - what do you feed, nourish and energise your body with?

  2. Lifestyle - how do you live - how do you move your body in this world?

  3. Emotions - how do you cope with adversity - do you react or respond - and what attachments or beliefs do you carry with you?

  4. Spirit - what do you do to help nourish your spirit or soul and how do you access your inner world?

I look forward to sharing this space with you and hope that you find insights in my stories to help you with your own well-being.

Emily x


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