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Nothing is Separate - do the inner work

So, stepping into running a business that is soul led is both a joyous experience and a shedding of skins. Those skins that have hardened and toughened over time to become impenetrable. Those skins that don't allow anything in but don't allow anything out either. Once they are gone, the new skin is soft and raw and needs a lot of looking after to keep it supple, to prevent infection and allow it to breathe. But the spaciousness, creativity and movement created feels joyous because what was once held in shackles is now free.

Such is life. Life is a daily shedding of the old that no longer serves one, and an embracing of the new. This newness can be so unfamiliar, sometimes painful, that it is easy to step back into the familiar... it is at these times that we need to offer ourselves the most kindness and compassion. To let the newness in with a soft and open heart, with tenderness as you would a newborn. Bathe in the curiosity of this inner work; feel the expansiveness, freshness of what it means to be alive. To know that it is already there for you… waiting for you to embody it.

I hear talk of the energies of this full moon, a super moon, the second in this month of August, a ‘blue’ moon. I feel the Pisces energy of water, flowing, washing away, forging a path. I feel different, fuller, lighter, more at peace with myself than I have ever felt before. It feels easier to go with the flow, more at ease to take the actions that I need to. I feel that this is the time to let go of more and more of the old…to welcome in more that I desire…

A friend mentioned to me that he strives to make himself 1% better each day, to be a better human being. For me, I strive to shed a little old skin everyday – to let go of a little bit of the conditioning, protection that has kept me shackled, and lean into the depths of my soul and move into that field of pure love. From here I know that I am both the director and the actor in the story of my world, of our world, of The World and see that I am the co-creator of my life.

The invitation is to step out of the DO-ing more and into BE-ing more. Lean in – feel what is needed from moment to moment…breathe, move, action, rest, laugh, cry, love, play…inhale, let in, embody…exhale, let go, release!



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