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1:1 Coaching

Choose your own Path

Are you stuck in a rut? Perhaps you just missed out on that promotion? Or you are wondering how to move forward from a relationship break-up.

Let me hold space for you as together we explore the energetic patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck in the past and unable to move forward. I use knowledge of chakras, macrobiotics, five elements and regression to help you to release stuck emotional energy patterns.


Discover where you are coming into life from and gain new perspective on how to live life with more sense of freedom.

This is deep inner work and is best carried out as a series of sessions. 

1 hr session (on-line or in-person)

Sound Healing Session

Rebalance Body and Mind

Sound healing works on the principle that just as everything in the universe vibrates at it's own frequency, so does every bone, organ and cell in the body. When part of the body is out of balance it can throw everything out. Through resonance, sound can bring the body and mind back into harmony. Sound healing works on all facets of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Choose from an individual session or a group session (max. 4 persons)

45 min session (in-person only)


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Insights Kinesiology Energetic Healing

Know Yourself

Emotional issues, depression and anxiety can arise when we continue to hold on to outdated childhood beliefs, blockages and patterns.

Using Kinesiology muscle testing we can tap into the underlying energetic blockage in each chakra and discover the core beliefs that are holding you back in life.

This is a wonderful modality for those that are just starting out on their healing journey.

45 min session (on-line or in-person)


+ £10 Option to add Flower Remedy (discuss when booking/consultation)

Insights Kinesiology Allergy Testing

Individualised Guidance

Muscle testing is also used to test for food intolerances or allergies. Your body already knows what the best foods, vitamins, and diet it needs – Kinesiology just helps us to listen. 

Environmental stressors and pollutants can also be tested for.

We have innate wisdom in our bodies - if you've ever had a craving for a particular food or developed a sudden dislike - that's your body letting you know what it needs.

1 hr 15 min session (on-line or in-person)